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    "I had thought I had been paying reasonable insurance rates with my previous provider until I stumbled upon Get Car Insurance and realized how much money I had been throwing down the toilet. After comparing multiple cheap car insurance quotes between a few different providers I found the perfect deal with great coverage and cheapest rate."

    "My husband used the same car insurance company that his parents have used for decades. That was until we got married! After which I insisted we compare quotes on Get Car Insurance so that we could better manage our monthly budget, have cheap car insurance and still have the right coverage for the two of us. We researched all the possible options till we came across the one that was “better than” the one my in laws have!"

    "We were moving States and wanted to change from our current provider. Get Car Insurance offered us a lot of useful tips and information that helped us to choose a provider who we thought would be ideal for us. That fact that saved over $ 300 just sweetened the deal for us."